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Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy

Marton Precision recognizes the rewards of having a safe and healthy place to work. Our goal is to work in the safest possible manner consistent with good work practices. No employee or subcontractor shall be required to work in an unsafe manner or under unsafe conditions. Management at every level is charged with the task of translating this policy into positive act ions:

  • We develop and improve programs and procedures to ensure compliance will all applicable laws and regulations
  • Marton ensures that personnel are properly trained and have the necessary safety equipment
  • We continually identify and manage risks that impact health, safety and the environment through management review meetings, safety trainings, hazard reviews and accident
  • We ensure that employees understand their role in following our EHS policies and procedures and encourage all employees to communicate any safety concerns they may have
  • As far as reasonably practicable, Marton works to protect the environment from any adverse impact associated with our operations
  • We use sound reuse and recycling practices and explore ways to minimize the amount and toxicity of our generated waste.
  • Marton works to continually improve our EHS systems and performance